An exciting new collaboration between the celebrity chef and Bali’s leading property developer.

Mirah Investment & Development has announced a new collaboration between themselves and Bali-based celebrity chef Will Meyrick. After welcoming the eclectic Canggu bistro KONG last year to great success, the developer together with Will Meyrick, is now setting its sights on introducing a fleet of new standalone venues, and venues within Mirah Investment & Development’s resorts. 

Next up is the relaunching of Ubud’s Hujan Locale,  as well a standalone restaurant & late-night entertainment venue in Berawa that is set to debut this summer. Later this year will see the opening of Secana Beachtown, a luxury beachfront resort with three onsite restaurants and a rooftop pool & bar offering spectacular sunset views.

The venture arrives armed with ample experience across the Indonesian hospitality and travel scene. The well-regarded ‘The Street Food Chef’ is the owner of a string of successful restaurants scattered across Indonesia and beyond, including Billy Ho, Mama San, and Will St. in Perth.

Mirah Investment & Development has more than 16 years of experience in real estate and hospitality to draw from, with three resorts set to open in the next 12-24 months, including a luxury resort in Lombok and a resort with the biggest beach club on Gili Trawangan, totalling six initial venues to be under the experienced eye of Will Meyrick and Mirah’s F&B division. 

Will won’t be the only culinary talent involved in the burgeoning portfolio of eateries. Group Head of Operations James Runciman, a veteran with more than 25 years within F&B including previous work with the Potato Head Family, The Breakfast Group, and HSBC, both bringing their own unique value, expertise and strong devotion to ensuring Bali becomes a top culinary destination. 

“I’m super happy with the collaboration with Mirah, James and the team,” Will Meyrick has said. “We have a wide range of expertise between all of us. Bali is now very much a new dining destination after Covid. As we’ve seen from KONG, things are booming — so collaborating as much as we can together allows us to create a better offering, Bali is in a different place from where it was before Covid — I know that for myself, from running individual restaurants, that the way to move forward now is to be able to join forces. It’s exciting to be able to swap ideas creatively and professionally between James and myself.”

Within the next few months, the talent-laden union will welcome a refurbished Hujan Locale and introduce a new Berawa restaurant & late night entertainment venue, before turning its attention towards Mirah Investment & Development’s 5-star resorts, with a number of new projects on the horizon across Bali and its neighbouring islands. 

James Runciman explains, «This union provides a full range of skill sets and enables Mirah to establish and deliver a diverse range of customer-focused operations across their vast expansion plans, from high-end dining to beach clubs, middle-market dining concepts, and entertainment venues.” 

Will Meyrick continued to say, “It’s going to be exciting to see what the three of us and Mirah can do. Watch this space!”

This exciting collaboration is set to revolutionize Bali’s culinary scene, as the island is welcoming the world back onto its shores. 

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