Bali’s status as the number one holiday destination and investment location is unrivalled. For the last several decades, its popularity has seen steady year-on-year growth with a proven ability to bounce back from any crisis.

While Bali has dominated the touristic landscape of Indonesia, Lombok is quickly following suit and touted to become one of South East Asia’s top luxury destinations.

Lombok has been dubbed the ‘New Bali’ – but with fewer crowds, less traffic, less development and a steadfast dedication to eco-tourism. It’s often described as Bali from 30 years ago, and similar to Bali in the early 90s, its popularity is soaring with tourists and shrewd investors.

Lombok sits directly East of Bali – only a 30 minutes flight away – or accessed directly via Lombok International Airport.

It’s known for uncrowded surf, breathtaking waterfalls and hiking trails, and a rich authentic culture. Exploring the island is an adventure in itself – from the secluded white sand beaches in the South to the powerful and dreamy views of Segara Anak, the crater lake on the 3,726m summit of Mount Rinjani.

Lombok is home to the world-famous Gili Islands. Made up of Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air, each idyllic island offers something unique – from world-famous all-night parties to Zen-like serenity and tranquility.

The Gili Islands are one of the best diving areas in the world with an abundance of marine life. Divers from all around the world come to Lombok to encounter giant manta rays, majestic sea turtles, and kaleidoscopic coral reefs.

Encouraged by Lombok’s fast growth, the Central Indonesian Government has chosen the island, over several potential destinations across Indonesia, to prioritize for economic development.

This is part of a larger effort to bolster the entire country’s tourism industry named the ‘Ten New Bali Project’ – with Lombok being amongst the top 3 prioritized destinations, alongside Borobudur Temple Complex in Central Java, and Lake Toba in North Sumatra. These 3 prioritized destinations have been chosen because they have indicated positively in three areas of consideration; attraction, access, and amenity – resulting in a higher probability of success.

The plan is for Lombok to model Bali’s growth but with a commitment to sustainability and eco-tourism – creating jobs and attracting foreign investment. They have promised and already begun to improve infrastructure, enhance connectivity, ease travel and visa restrictions, increase flight routes, and much more.

Lombok has seen a new International Airport completed in 2011, as well as a $3 billion development of Kuta – promising 16,000 hotel rooms, 1,500 luxury villas, 27 hole golf course, an eco-waterpark, new clean energy initiatives and all while keeping a 51% green zone.

Moving around the island there is a sense that you are somewhere undiscovered. You are constantly surrounded by untouched natural beauty. This trailblazing commitment to preserving the island’s natural environment – with restricted green zones, clean energy and water initiatives – is innovative and imperative.

Looking ahead to 2022, Lombok is planning to host the MotoGP World Championship at their very own Mandalika International Street Circuit – boasting a grand-stand capacity of 50,000 sitting, 138,000 standing, and hospitality suites able to host up to 7,700 visitors.

Lombok, as the Central Government’s choice for touristic development, is already attracting large global luxury hotels and resorts – including the Pullman Hotel, Club Med, Royal Tulip, Paramount Hotels, and more.

Similar to Bali in the early 90s, land and property prices remain fairly low at the moment. As many new large-scale developments and international brands that target the global tourist market come to Lombok – many of which are launching in the next few years – it is expected for land and property prices to increase considerably.

Lombok has attracted many investors from across the globe but in particular Jakarta, Singapore, and Hong Kong who recognize the island’s value and its potential future as a top luxury destination in South East Asia. They are expecting very high levels of capital appreciation on land and properties.

As new developments in Lombok launch, its acclaim on an international level will grow, leading to more visitors and a burgeoning tourism industry. For those who are able to recognize the pattern laid out by Bali’s history of meteoric growth, they are sure to take advantage of current market prices and secure themselves a solid investment.

Bali has set a shining example of what can be expected in the near future. Lombok is unique in that it has the ability and foresight to improve on the example set by the growth of Bali and ensure its tourism industry is based on sustainable principles.

Being an early recognizer of the long-term opportunities in Lombok, Mirah Property Group has previously  secured prime land to build two luxury beachfront developments.

COCANA RESORTS is near completion and set to be the first 5-star benchmark resort located on Gili Trawangan. The 5-hectare exclusive resort boasts 64 private pool villas, 60 lagoon suites, a lagoon pool, and world-class amenities including a beach club and three restaurants – it’s the ultimate getaway experience on one of the most idyllic islands of Indonesia. Investors from across the globe have been buying villas in Cocana throughout 2020 and 2021 getting ready for the inevitable post pandemic tourist bounce back.

KUARA, where nature meets luxury, is an upcoming 8-hectare beachfront villa complex in the south of Lombok. Consisting of 32 fully furnished residences with private pool options and beachfront availability – and boasting a world-class Spa and Yoga Centre, an outdoor cinema, horse stables, and naturalistic river pools. Kuara promises authenticity and class with a focus on sustainability, featuring on-site vegetable and aromatic herb gardens as well as a free-range chicken coop and goat barn. Kuara will be officially launched very soon and have already achieved pre sales of 20% to existing customers from Mirah Property Group’s existing investor database

If you are interested in an opportunity to own a luxury property with attractive returns in one of South East Asia’s future top destination then drop us an email to discuss your requirements in more detail:

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