Mirah Property Group, the best Bali Property developer, are proud to announce we have signed an exclusive partnership with The Registry Collection® enabling all Cocana Resorts owners to holiday in luxury villa or resorts across the globe whilst still enjoying the amazing benefits and return on investment. As a Cocana Resorts owner you enjoy access to The Registry Collection® program, the world’s largest luxury exchange portfolio with approximately 200 properties either accessible for exchange or under development in 40 countries on six continents. Membership to The Registry Collection® offers you a world of luxury vacation opportunities and experiences in many of the finest vacation properties around the world. Cocana Resorts provides you the flexibility to choose how you want to vacation – whether it is a stay at your villa in Cocana, or trade for a stay at one of The Registry Collection® properties or book unique vacation experiences through their Collection Partners program, a curated line up of luxury travel service providers.

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