Mirah Property Group are proud to be announcing the opening of a new office based in Central, Hong Kong.

Led by James Runciman, the head of business development in Hong Kong, the office represents an exciting new phase in Mirah Property Group’s 20-year history of developing property for luxury real estate and commercial use.

As part of their continued expansion, the office, located at the Hong Kong Club building, allows for closer client relations with their growing number of existing Hong Kong-based investors. Hong Kong is a major client base for Mirah Property Group, as well as an international financial and commerce hub allowing for greater reach throughout all of Asia.

James says “Hong Kong is a very traditional place and [clients] still want that personal touch where they can meet people and see them face to face. I think that’s very important. The new office is at Hong Kong Club building which is a great central location. It enables our clients to come down to where we can meet, and offers easy access”

Drawing on previous experience working with leading international companies such as Compass Group, HSBC, and Potato Head, James brings his enthusiasm and charisma as well as a natural intuition in identifying and implementing business growth and marketing strategies.

James will be working closely with Anita Koon, who comes from a new collaboration with HK based agency Locations. Anita adds to Mirah Property Group’s growing multilingual and international sales team – she is fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

“Hong Kong is a big market. It’s a very international market and is the central hub of Asia,” James points out to say. “There are a lot of expats here and a lot of Hong Konger’s that are looking for a second property around the world, or have property portfolios that they continue to build globally. So it gives us a base where people can come to see us.”

The opening of the new office coincides with Mirah Property Group’s recent launch of 2 brand-new luxury developments in Bali and Lombok to compliment their flagship development Cocana Resorts on the paradise island of Gili Trawangan, which is nearing completion.

SECANA is a luxury lifestyle smart development on the bustling Berawa, Canggu beachfront, and KARAR – where luxury meets nature – is an 8-hectare eco-friendly villa complex in the south of Lombok, complete with  stables and onsite organic farming.

Bali and Lombok represent a unique luxury investment opportunity. The low entry prices paired with high-quality design and construction, world-class facilities and owner benefits, and their longstanding popularity makes them unrivalled as a leisure destination for property investment. With high projected occupancy levels across Mirah Property Group’s developments, they are expecting high returns from rental income as well as high capital gains for property owners.

“It’s that move to an island lifestyle that people are looking for, and that opportunity to not necessarily be in such a densely populated place,” James. “Obviously travel to Bali and Lombok from Hong Kong was very easy pre-pandemic, and will be again post-pandemic. It’s not a long flight. You can get a flight on Friday evening and be there Saturday early morning ready to go.”

“For someone who is working digitally and doesn’t need to be in the office every day – suddenly we’ve seen people from Hong Kong, who have thought, ‘Okay, I can go over and use my property for a month or 6 weeks and I can come back and go back into the office and enjoy a healthy passive income while I am not using it’.”

Bali was named winner of TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice Award 2021 – beating London, Dubai, Rome, and Paris. Canggu was awarded the 4th best place in the world to live and invest in 2019 by Forbes, and Lombok has been prioritized by the Central Government for touristic and economic development and will see the opening of an international MotoGP race track.

These developments are strategically positioned in areas with high touristic growth. Bali and Lombok have both seen year-on-year increases in tourism, and have a proven track record of being able to recover quickly from crisis – a testament to its status as an established and much-loved holiday destination.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mirah Property Group have pushed forward with construction, land acquisitions, and have invested heavily in new development projects. While other companies have faltered they have utilized the time to invest inwardly and expand. All current development projects are still ongoing, with construction carefully timed so that launches will coincide with the post-pandemic tourism boom.

For more information or to schedule a meeting with James in Hong Kong please feel free to drop him an email at james@mirahdevelopments.com

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