Based on Indonesia’s Central Bureau of Statistics, millennials generations are on the rise to buy a property. Millennials are the people who are in 17-30 years old circle. This year, the population of millennials generations will increase by 35% and most of the millennials are in the middle class. The population of millennials will increase more in the future, and it gives a positive influence on property business development in Indonesia.

Millennial property investors are interested to invest in a small property, like an apartment, villa, and small-sized house. But there are also millennial generations who prefer to invest in a luxury property like a villa resort that gives a high return on investment. The investment in a villa or resort is influenced by travel trends. There are many travel bloggers, vloggers, or travel influencers who have a holiday and work at the same time. They also have a very high income from working as travel bloggers and content creators. From that kind of nomadic work style, they tend to buy a villa or resort for a holiday or a small place for transit, instead of having a big private house.

Learning from these situations, as the best Bali property company, Mirah Property Group now is on the progress of developing a villa resort for sale in Gili Trawangan and Nusa Dua Bali, which suits Millennial property investors need. They will have amazing benefits as investors, as well as a guaranteed ROI for 3 years.

Cocana Resort gives a one-stop solution for investing in a luxury property in Bali and Lombok for millennials. They also can enjoy 28 days’ free stay and in-house facilities such as restaurant, beach club, spa, and wellness center. They will also have a good occasion to see the sunset view every afternoon, right from their villa, and take an instagrammable moment. This villa resort conception really suits millennials generations who love nomadic work and lifestyle. Now, Millennials can join to invest or own a villa in Bali and Lombok with easy steps managed by Mirah Property Group.

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