There is no doubt about it these are very challenging times, all of us are having to change the way we live temporarily and also how we do business. Many of us are working from home using technology such as digital conference calls, group chats and so on to have meetings and to make important decisions. When things get back to normal which of course they will then a lot of us will have learnt new ways to do things that we can take in to the future and use successfully.

As a property developer on a tourist island where at the moment no tourists are able to arrive then you would expect us to be very quiet. However we have actually managed to keep selling and the last two months have been very good for us, we have had to adapt to the current situation in the world by thinking of new ways to keep our business running both profitably and above all responsibly where social distancing and the safety of our clients and staff has to be the number one priority.

Our company has always invested heavily in digital technology and online marketing tools and this is now paying dividends as we have been able to quickly adapt to the world situation and offer practical solutions to our investors. We are actually receiving between 10 and 15 online enquiries a day from potential buyers who wish to invest in property in Bali or Lombok.

With the downturns in the stock market and oil prices then more and more people are turning to real estate investments. As any smart investor knows the best time to invest in real estate is when there is a crisis. The question is how to do it and how to do it safely especially considering a lot of us can’t leave our homes.

Our flagship project Cocana Sunset Lagoon in Gili Trawangan has been our biggest selling product this year. Gili Trawangan is closed right now but is one of the most popular holiday destinations in South East Asia with a huge year on year increase on tourist arrivals on the island over the last few years with a massive demand for high end accommodation that the island hasn’t been able to supply due to a real shortage of luxury resorts. Cocana Sunset Lagoon will become the first 5 star resort on the island and is being built specifically to cater for this gap in the market. Purchasing a villa or luxury suite offers all investors a guaranteed return on investment of a minimum of 6% per year for 3 years as well as a whole array of owner benefits

We have a come up with a number of initiatives to enable you to invest in Cocana safely from your living room on very favourable terms. We can give you an online presentation with one of our directors where we can take you through step by step every aspect of purchasing one of our units and how this can benefit you, we can give you all the statistics and data for tourism in Gili Trawangan and Lombok, we can explain how the management program works, how the guaranteed return on investment works, how the guaranteed buy back works, we will talk you through membership of The Registry Collection and how you can holiday across the globe in over 200 world class resorts, we can show you all the available units, you can see a construction progress update, we can discuss pricing and our different payment plans and of course answer any questions you may have. We have various videos where you can see the project, you can look inside a villa and see the floor plan and view the furniture and the private pool.

The best part is for April only we are offering a discount of up to 15% on any property purchased with very flexible terms, you can reserve this online with a deposit of just IDR 10,000,000 and it is completely refundable giving you peace of mind.

If you are outside of Indonesia and have currencies in either USD, Euro, SGD, GBP or AUD then you are also able to benefit from a further saving of around 15% due to the never seen before exchange rates available

To arrange for an online presentation or for a brochure please E Mail us or WhatsApp +62 85 100 800 800

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