It seems to be that whenever we have a conversation with anybody these days one of the first topics is the virus, whether it is a conversation with clients, friends, family or colleagues we are always discussing the virus. If you switch on the TV or open the news application on our phones then our screens are dominated by Coronavirus stories.

One of the first questions we are always asked by clients and investors is how is the COVID-19 virus affecting business in Bali? The truth is Bali is very quiet, with the absence of the Chinese tourists and other nationalities then hotel occupancy levels are down by over 40% and a lot of restaurants are very quiet. A trip to the Beachwalk Shopping Mall from Canggu can normally take around 90 minutes and now you can do it in around 45 minutes.

We are real estate professionals, not medical experts but the feeling in Bali is that it is still a very safe place to be, we see most people taking precautions such as washing hands regularly, there is hand sanitizer in most shops and restaurants, the airport is being disinfected daily and are using the temperature scanners on everybody who arrives, flights from China are banned and the major hospitals are all saying they are prepared and have been following all the World Health Organisation guidelines and procedures. To this date there is still not one case confirmed in Bali, of course, this may change in the future but it certainly gives everybody who lives here reason to be positive.

For our own business, we have actually seen a rise in inquiries and Bali property sales throughout February from the same time last year because every smart investor knows that in every scenario like this then it is a good time to buy property or land.

From a tourist’s perspective as well it is a great time to come to Bali, The government have just released two major stimulus packages to help boost the economy and tourism, at the same time room rates are low, the beaches are clean, the traffic is good, the people are as friendly as ever, the sun is shining and of course the Bintang is as cold as ever!

So if you are planning a trip to Bali and unsure if you should come then please don’t be put off by the media scare, come to Bali and enjoy your holiday in paradise, Bali is as beautiful as ever, better value than ever and above all it is safe!

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