UPDATE (14/04/2022): All quarantine requirements have been lifted for double vaccinated travellers arriving in Indonesia.


Originally posted on the 5th of February:

Starting on the 4th of February, it has been announced that Indonesia is reopening the island of Bali to foreign visitors, lifting restrictions on banned countries and lowering quarantine periods down to 5 days for double-vaccinated travellers.

In response, Singapore Airlines has announced it will resume direct flights to Bali starting on the 16th of February — as visitors will now be able to have their quarantine in Bali, rather than Jakarta as per previous regulations. 

This is a continuation of the Central Government’s ongoing plans to reopen the island, as they have previously allowed passage for a select handful of countries since October of 2021. 

Visitors wishing to quarantine in Bali are currently able to choose from five hotels, including six ships, which have been certified by the Tourism and Creative Economy Ministry. These are:

  • Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua
  • Westin Resort Nusa Dua
  • The Royal Tulip in Jimbaran
  • The Griya Santrian in Denpasar.
  • The Viceroy in Ubud. 

It is expected for more hotels to be added to the list in the coming days.

Similar easing of regulations has been seen in other South-East Asian countries where economies are reliant on tourism. 

Bali has one of the highest vaccination rates in Indonesia and across South East Asia. As of the 3rd of February, 86.7% of the population have received their first dose, with 77% being fully vaccinated. There is a strong roll-out of booster shots. 

Health protocols will remain in place across the island to prevent outbreaks and cases. 

Bali’s economy is heavily reliant on tourism – however in recent years despite travel restrictions, parts of the island have continued to flourish due to the high number of ex-pat residents, long-term visitors, and the strong domestic tourism market.  

During this time, there has been a flurry of developments in Bali ready to capitalize once the borders reopen. Shrewd investors from around the world have seen this as an opportunity to enter the Bali real estate market.

CBRE has recently released their annual report on the Bali Hotel Market Outlook and has concluded that:

“Bali is well-positioned and prepared to fully capture the international demand upon borders re-opening… Bali presents a great opportunity for savvy investors who can put aside the challenges of the past years and filter through the available opportunities to unlock value… Buyers remain keen to invest in the Bali market due to its status as one of the top resort locations.”

Confidence in Bali’s future is reflected in the significant investment made for infrastructure development in the coming years. This includes a new International Hospital complex, a second international airport, and a new toll road and light rail transit system. 

Mirah Property Group has a wide array of property investment opportunities in and around Bali. For more information, contact us now.  

Written by Mario Roberto

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